Waiting for babies to fledge from nest

The babies are hatched and they are looking out the hole occasionally. I hope to see them fledge from the nest. I have never seen that. The mother stays nearby all time now.


Gold Finch

I was testing my 70-300 lens for sharpness. I guess I am pleased with the sharpness of this image. I have had trouble getting sharp images in the past. Used tripod and cable release.


We have had bluebirds for 3 years now. I was so excited to see them come earlier this year.

I got a few action shots of them, also.


Brown Pelican


Panama City, Florida

Hungry brood


In just a few days the babies will leave the nest. It has been a real blessing to watch the mother care for her babies. She is never very far from the nest.

Feeding Time


The baby robins have hatched.  I was fortunate to capture this image of the mother robin feeding the babies.

Setting on the Eggs


The robin stays on the nest continually.  I haven’t been able to check if she has laid another egg.

Robin Eggs


There are 4 robin eggs today.  I wonder if she is finished laying eggs.

New Tenant


We enjoy watching the birds and have several feeders and water provided for them.  In addition to the bluebirds which are nesting on the other side of the house, we now have this robin.  We were so surprised to see that she built her nest on our sideporch on the bannister where I can photograph it through the window.  She really chose some landscaping for her nest. So far she has 2 eggs, but I expect she will have 2 or 3 more. When the babies hatch I will post pictures of her feeding them.

In Flight

Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay

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