Spring Point Lighthouse

Another lighthouse from the cruise in Portland, Maine.  I would highly recommend this cruise if you like to photograph lighthouses.


Portland Head Light

I was able to photograph this lighthouse from the “Lighthouse Lovers Cruise” and was so excited to get the view from the water. I had photographed it previously from the land side. This is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the United States.

Seattle Space Needle

I wish we had time to go up into the tower, but that will be something to do our next visit to Seattle.


Recently we were on a sight seeing trip and our GPS took us to a place that was not the one we wanted to go to. However, on the way we saw a  bridge with a sailboat coming near it.  I wanted to stop to get a picture of the bridge and sailboat when I noticed this artist painting and got permission to photograph her at work.  It is one of my favorite photos.

Bald River Falls

In October

Bald River Falls

Love all the color

New River Bridge


The New River Bridge spans a huge gorge near Beckley, West Virginia.  It is the second tallest bridge in the world. My dream is to go back when the fall color is at its peak and photograph it.

“making hay while the sun shines”

We returned home last Thursday in the middle of the day and just before we got home we came upon this beautiful field where the farmer was cutting his hay and had quite a few round bales scattered about the field. I wanted to get a picture, but the sun was too high in the sky so we went home to return during the ‘golden hour’ to get a picture. When we returned, to our surprise the field was totally cleared of hay bales. We laughed it off and said, “that gives a new meaning to ‘making hay while the sun shines’.” We don’t give up easily though we only had to drive a couple of blocks to find another great field with hay bales still there.


I like the barbed wire in the foreground.

Cove Lake State Park

DSC_9627I love the geese at the water’s edge…so small when compared to the mountain.

some things seen in the park…


and even a bee…



“rain is coming”

When I was a little girl we lived in a valley surrounded by mountains. We could see the rain ‘a coming’ and would run to the clothesline to gather in the clothes before it reached us. If we were quick enough we could make it.


Stone Mountain, Georgia

We were in the Atlanta area for a meeting and on Monday we went to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  What a magnificient mountain! Solid rock! The carving in the side is a memorial to 3 civil war leaders: Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson.



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