She looks too young to be a grandmother, but Judah Perry Gerdt came into this world  November 6, 2010 and now she is a gramma or Bebbi or whatever  he chooses to call her.


Fall blooming Iris

It is November and this iris is still blooming. I think it will bloom in the spring also. I love the new ones that bloom more than once. I have several.



Enjoyed these this summer thanks to my butterfly bushes.

Wing behind flower.

Light touch

Open wings

Azalea Bowl

This is a beautiful reflection of the azaleas around the Azalea Bowl in Callaway Gardens.


This was  one of the flowers we saw at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.


We visited the Butterfly Conservatory at Callaway Gardens in Georgia and I was able to get a few good photos of butterflies. I really like this one.

Spring planting

The hydrangea is waiting to be planted in the ground, but is very happy for now on the front porch with the geraniums.


Samantha is our new great granddaughter. she has a big brother to help take care of her named Alex. She stayed awake for the whole photo shoot and only two weeks old. She has my name as her middle name, but will be called Samantha.


I have a new hobby.  I have learned to knit and am enjoying it very much. Here is one of my latest creations, an heirloom baby bonnet. It went home with our little new born great granddaughter last night.

Backlit lily

The setting sun gave a lovely glow to this lily. It looks like there is a light inside.


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