Spring Point Lighthouse

Another lighthouse from the cruise in Portland, Maine.  I would highly recommend this cruise if you like to photograph lighthouses.


Portland Head Light

I was able to photograph this lighthouse from the “Lighthouse Lovers Cruise” and was so excited to get the view from the water. I had photographed it previously from the land side. This is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the United States.

Seattle Space Needle

I wish we had time to go up into the tower, but that will be something to do our next visit to Seattle.


Recently we were on a sight seeing trip and our GPS took us to a place that was not the one we wanted to go to. However, on the way we saw a  bridge with a sailboat coming near it.  I wanted to stop to get a picture of the bridge and sailboat when I noticed this artist painting and got permission to photograph her at work.  It is one of my favorite photos.

Waiting for babies to fledge from nest

The babies are hatched and they are looking out the hole occasionally. I hope to see them fledge from the nest. I have never seen that. The mother stays nearby all time now.

Gold Finch

I was testing my 70-300 lens for sharpness. I guess I am pleased with the sharpness of this image. I have had trouble getting sharp images in the past. Used tripod and cable release.


We have had bluebirds for 3 years now. I was so excited to see them come earlier this year.

I got a few action shots of them, also.


Blue Hour

This was taken at 7:45 which was during civil twilight. Most people put the camera away after the sun goes down, but there is a very special time called “blue hour” that gives great pictures.

Nikon D300 SS 20.0 sec, Exp. Manual, f/16, ISO 200, Focal length 15mm, lens 12.0-24.0mm f/4.0, matrix metering

Food Photography

Recently we were challenged to do food photography. I didn’t get mine done in time for the challenge, but today I decided to see what I could do.

Nikon D300 105mm f/2.8 lens, ISO 141 f/9.0, SS 1/4 sec., Manual exposure, natural light

Wow! Looks good enough to eat!

Close Up Challenge

This is the beginning of several images taken in response to Scott Thomas’ challenge for us to work on close up photography. There are 11 pictures following this one. Please feel free to browse through my site and leave comments. Be sure to go to the next page as the  best one is on that page.

African violet ready to bloom

Nikon D300, 105mm lens f/2.8, f/3.3, ISO 141, SS 1/30, matrix metering, manual exposure

Close Up 1
Close Up 2
Close Up 3
Close Up 4
Close Up 5
Close Up 6
Close Up 7
Close Up 8
Close Up 9
Close Up 10
Close Up 11

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